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The right choice of desks, chairs and other office furniture will boost collaboration and enhance wellness among members – here’s how to furnish your coworking space with style and substance.
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How to Choose the Right Furniture For Your Coworking Space

The right choice of desks, chairs and other office furniture will boost collaboration and enhance wellness among members – here’s how to furnish your coworking space with style and substance.

1. Understand your members


office furniture with employees

As with any aspect of creating a shared workspace, the key to choosing the best office furniture is to understand your members first. Do you attract a creative and collaborative crowd? Is your business centre full of corporate firms? Are you geared at parentpreneurs and freelancers? By understanding your members’ needs and goals, you can create a look that suits them and helps their businesses thrive. What’s more, the better you give your existing members an interior office style that helps them stay productive, the more likely you are to attract more members of the same ilk.

2. Develop a signature look


choosing coworking furniture

Now you know who your members are, you can start to drill down on the type of furniture and interior styling that suits them. If you’re geared at the creative community, collaboration is key in their industries so focus on creating spaces that bring people together. A corporate workforce might require privacy so your attention can focus on creating quiet confidential spaces. Freelancers often choose coworking spaces to free themselves of isolation so again you want to maximise the use of your floorspace to encourage interaction. Experiment with colour schemes and moodboards and run them past your members first – there’s nothing like a bit of first-hand feedback before you take the plunge on a furniture order.

3. Choose a style of chair


affordable office chair

Many professionals spend the majority of their day in their office chair so selection is one of the most important parts of furnishing an office. In today’s day of wellness-focused working, ergonomic chairs are nothing short of vital – choose chairs with multiple adjustable parts that make them extra comfortable and supports posture, weight and lumbar while sitting. There are plenty of ergonomic desk chairs in the market with variable backs, arms, height, tilts and headrests – and don’t forget to do a try-test before you purchase chairs for your whole office!

4. Decide on desks


affordable adjustable desks

Corner desks, computer desks, standing desks – with so many options in the market, it’s hard to know where to start. Wellness is a huge consideration for employees so the option to stand will be a huge appeal. Consider height adjustable desks for every workstation, or invest in a standing desk station where people can take their laptops and stretch their legs for portions of the day. Alternatively you can opt for a regular office desk and place adjustable computer stands on top – a more affordable way to furnish a coworking office. If you accommodate architects, builders and designers, they often require large desk spaces so you could choose a number of L-shaped desks or extra large desks to meet their needs.

5. Furnish the meeting room


meeting room design

Your furniture choices for meeting rooms will vary on their purpose. If it’s a formal boardroom or larger conference room, go with neutral colours like black, white and grey and high quality materials like leather, wood and steel. Many coworking spaces have smaller more creative meeting rooms – why not incorporate a feature wall with a bold wallpaper, or cosier features like beanbags and sofas? Meeting rooms are more of a chance to be creative and show off your a signature style so get experimental and inject your personality into these communal spaces.

6. Enhance collaboration with phone booths and meeting pods


meeting pod furniture for offices

Collaborative furniture pieces are key to creating a great atmosphere in a shared workspace. Phone booths offer soundproofed respite from sharp ears in the office where you can call clients, partners and remote colleagues in peace – you’ll find phone booths quickly become a favourite feature in the office. Small meeting pods are another fabulous option to encourage members within the coworking space to interact, collaborate and brainstorm.

7. Consider office partitions


coworking partition for offices

While we’re all about encouraging collaboration in the office, there are times when privacy is important too. Small businesses often can’t afford a lockable serviced office, but if they work in a field like law, accounting or property confidentiality will be important to them. Office wall partitions are a great option to split an open plan area into more private segments, and they’re always worth a mention to prospective tenants concerned about operating in an open plan workspace for the first time.

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